I’m Noelia and I’m so glad you’re here!!

You wanna know why I’m so glad you’re here?, because it means you don’t have to go through the emotional upheaval of trying to re-build your life, adjust and settle into a foreign country, feeling alone, isolated and un-supported, like I and thousands of others have had to.

When I first became an expat 8yrs ago, there was so much information on the internet re the logistics of moving/living abroad, such as: removals, housing, health, visa docs, schooling etc etc, but sadly there was no real information on dealing with issues such as homesickness, culture-shock, identity crisis, changing careers or having no career, or knowing what to do with your life. These are what I like to call the emotional-gistics of moving/living abroad, because these are the real core challenges that expats are faced with and which impact them on an emotional level.

Unfortunately I, along with thousands of other Expats have had to learn the hard way in having to get through the emotional-gistics of moving and setting up a new life abroad.  This lack of support for challenges such as coping with homesickness, dealing with culture-shock and having some sort of identity crisis, has led me to where I am today.  Being a qualified life coach , therapist and expat myself, I figured why not create the support, guidance and information regarding these challenges that impact us on an emotional level, and offer it to expats so that they don’t have to suffer like I did.

And so here am I, passionately being able to help expat women to feel emotionally supported, guided and connected when going through this huge life-transition.


Wherever you are in the world turn the challenges you are experiencing as an expat woman into opportunities of personal growth, so that you can live a happier life abroad.

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“I feel more confident and self aware and much more in control of how I am feeling or reacting in different situations”.
– Allegra Ghiloni

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