Who’s Noelia?

Hello and Welcome, I’m Noelia.

I believe that in our life we’ve only got ourselves as the answer to overcoming our problems, challenges or illnesses and living the life we actually want.  It all boils down to the way we relate to ourselves through our values, beliefs and the internal chit-chat we often give ourselves through our mind.

Personally I spent the majority of my life up until my early 30s constantly striving to achieve and be the best I could possibly be in all areas of my life. Within my job, my body, my apartment, my hobbies and my relationships just so I could feel happy and successful.  I lived my life on auto-pilot rushing from one project to the next and reacting from one thing to another that it often left me exhausted, stressed and anxious. I blamed life and everyone else in it for my discomfort. Totally unaware of my behaviour and how I was living, I was forced to end the struggle with life when I was diagnosed with M.E/ Chronic Fatigue.

To cut a very long story short I’d been living in such constant stress for such a considerable amount of years that I was left completely bed bound for 8 months. I remember thinking and feeling so shocked as to how I had suddenly gone from being the most energetic, social butterfly to suddenly being stuck in bed with chronic fatigue.  The doctor had also diagnosed me with chronic depression and had told me that I’d never have a normal life again. Hearing this for me was totally shocking and I suddenly realised that I needed to take some drastic action.

It was during this phase of my life where I learnt that it was only ever going to be up to me to create any form of change to my situation and my future life depended on it. This was my motivation and given my circumstances of being bed bound I had no other option but to have a real hard honest look at myself.  I soon came to realise that there was a lot I hadn’t dealt with on an emotional level and that I had been living my life in false pretense.

I managed to cure myself of CF/ME in just under 2 years through various therapies, retreats and a strict diet. It was at that time which my road to self discovery, self-help, and personal development grew immensely and little did I know it would eventually lead me to where I am today, pursuing my passion of helping others and living the life I choose by now being my natural spiritual self.

I went on to qualifying as a Master NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming) Practitioner, a Mind Detox Practitioner and a Mind Calm Meditation Coach & Trainer which is where I am today.  I would love to be able to help teach you how to better relate to yourself, your mind and your emotions so that you can live a healthier, balanced life, filled with happiness and success that comes from within you and not external events, places or things!!!

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Love & Light.










One Response to Who’s Noelia?

  1. Agatha Penney says:

    Noelia, the day I met you will resonate with me for the rest of my life, as you are one of those unique people who we happen to meet and never forget:-) Your energy, enthusiasm and drive are infectious and the warmth and smiles you share with others are therapeutic. You are truly a fantastic person doing the right job:-)

    It was inspiring and motivating to read about your journey, thank you for sharing it. Love-Agatha x

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