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“Has your move abroad made you feel like you’re “behind with your personal & professional life”? Here’s how to get ahead instead.

Has your move abroad just made you feel like you’ve taken 10 huge steps backwards with your entire life, and just when you were almost at the top of your game?! This was certainly the case with me, especially in terms of my career.  I went from being a very successful real estate agent to suddenly having no job at all, when I first moved abroad to be with my boyfriend in Paris.  Letting go of my career, job status and financial independence was one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever had to overcome, (especially as I’d also allowed my job title to define who I was, but more on that later on a separate blog post).

My problem was that I’d occasionally allowed myself to be sucked into societies way of thinking, believing that we were all on some kind of time frame with life. That by a certain age “you should have a well established career, “stepped onto the property ladder” “found your ideal partner and gotten married” and finally had children” etc, You know, the usual expectations that some of our family and friends have upon us and if we don’t deliver we’re automatically judged.  This can lead many of us into living a life that’s not really owned by us, as we’re trying to fit and accomplish what everyone else wants or expects us to have and be.  However if we’re brave and strong enough to go out there and pursue our dreams and choose to live our life outside the box as such, then we’re equally judged and worse off as we’re seen as a total outsider, which can in turn make us feel very alone and isolated.

So you can imagine that my bold drastic move abroad had definitely shaken up my planned path to a successful career.  I had to stop myself from listening to what everyone else thought and let go of their judgements.  This was fairly easy because the real truth and hardness of it all, was that I had to let go of the judgement that I had against myself.  This was all coming from inside my own head with constant negative thinking and inner chit chat I’d often have with myself, which wasn’t at all serving me and which I knew I needed to get a grip over. How I did that I’ll share a tiny piece with you now.


The first most important thing for you to do right now if you are feeling like you’re “behind with life” in any such way, is to let go of the pressure, judgments and expectations that you and anyone else are putting upon yourself. Now I know this is easier said than done so I’d like to share with you a quick technique to help you out here.

Now before we start I need you to take your eyes off the screen for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths – do this now please so that you can have a little pause here and truly feel the benefit of this technique working. When you’re ready come back and read on:


Step 1 – A little Visualisation.

“Imagine your future self looking radiantly well, strong, confident and happy as she/ he is coming back to greet you right now. She/ he is telling you to let go of the worry now because you are exactly where you’re meant to be right now in this lifetime. She/ he is telling you that there’s no right or wrong place to be with your life and that everything is perfectly enough for you right at this moment. She/ he is telling you to be rest assured that it will all work out in the end no matter what. Just imagine hearing these words and notice how you feel right this minute…Do you instantly feel relieved, lighter and calmer?” Great.


Step 2 – Next step is to ACCEPT where you are right now with your life both on a personal and professional level and understand that it is exactly where you’re meant to be. Forgive yourself for having put all this pressure on yourself to constantly achieve and make a promise to yourself to take it easy on yourself from now on, and vow to praise yourself for each of your achievements (no matter how small).


Step 3 – Be Rest Assured – Know that there’s no right or wrong way to live our life, as long as we’re living in our true essence, then I say, we’re the ones who are ahead in life because we’ve got this awareness and therefore the choice of making our life the way we want it to be, and not how society tells us it “should be”.


Step 4 – Finally have trust and faith in the universe, god, or power higher than yourself and know that it always has your best interests at heart and will guide you in whatever direction you are to be guided in, but only if you allow it by putting yourself in the present moment.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and I’d like to now ask you…


“What are your experiences of going against the crowd as such? And How did you manage this?” Please feel free to share your story and any tips you may have to help others by leaving a comment below.


Love & Light as always


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