Mind Detox Method

If you are suffering from any form of physical condition, emotional or life problem then the Mind Detox Method can help you heal it!

Did you know that the large number of physical conditions are potentially caused by stress and un-resolved negative emotions.  This is due to the Mind-Body connection and our unhealthy beliefs. In a research report published by Bruce Lipton it suggests that over 95% of all illnesses occur because of stress within the body’s automatic nervous system.

The Mind Detox Method was created by Sandy C Newbigging who through working successfully with hundreds of clients, noticed that the underlying hidden cause to many of his clients problems had been their belief system.  Due to how the mind impacts our emotions, body and life, he discovered that finding and resolving a person’s unhealthy beliefs seemed to have a positive knock-on effect upon physical, emotional and life issues. I have been fortunate enough to of trained and qualified directly by the man himself and find that this technique is fast and super effective.

What is the Mind Detox Method? 

The Mind Detox Method is a form of talking therapy which by using a series of questions will find the underlaying Root-Cause Event and Root-Cause Reason to your formed unhealthy beliefs.  It allows you to make sense of them, release them and install newer, far more positive beliefs and learnings.  This process allows you to finally let go emotionally, make peace with your past, solve a persistent problem, move forward with your life thus helping you heal emotionally which will in turn have a positive impact on your physical condition too.

If you’ve already tried healing your condition in many ways and found that nothing’s worked so far, then it’s time for the holistic approach.  Let’s look at the emotional aspect of your condition through using the Mind Detox Method and get it potentially cured once and for all.

Heal a lifetime of emotional baggage with me from the comfort of your own home in 3 or less sessions!!!

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