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“Noelia,  Just wanted to say a big thank you for your life changing lessons. Your teachings were perfectly focused, easy to relate to, clear and well conveyed.  Mind Calm Meditation has really opened my eyes, cleared my mind and has enriched my life like you wouldn’t believe. Previous to your amazing lessons I never would of thought much of meditation or how many benefits could come from such simple mental exercise.

I am a very adventurous person who can never sit still I am always on the go. I am always pushing myself further and harder in all aspects on my life, which is very mentally involving.  My job has a lot of responsibilities, long hours, pressure and having to be constantly focused. I found myself very stressed, worrying, constantly having things on my mind not being able to relax or sleep properly. I noticed physically that I looked drained and that I was ageing quickly.

After each of the incredible sessions from you in mind calm meditation, I was shocked at how amazing I felt. I noticed from the very first sessions I had the most revitalising sleep, I do not think I have ever truly slept that well in my whole life. After a meditation session you are so clear and focused, you are completely aware of everything that is going on around you, it really brings you back into the moment.  The whole experience is such a life enriching one and I would recommend it to everyone. Try it out! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, you might be amazed by how incredible it is. If it’s not for you then you can easily go back to living as you have always done. I truly believe that most people will get so much out of these teachings and embrace every moment as I have done.

I was amazed at how much I learnt about my mind and myself. It is a very different way to view your mind and life. I was shocked by how much my emotions dictated my life. My whole life has changed for the better. I have so much more energy and I hardly stress or worry anymore. I understand my thoughts and emotions and let them run their course and try not to let them dictate my life. I’m more aware of other people’s emotions and have become more in tune with everyone in my life, especially my friends and partner. My relationship has improved in so many different ways. I feel more intelligent and present in the moment. Life seems to be an absolute pleasure as in the past it had times where it was problem after problem.

I use these incredible mind calm techniques everyday and I cannot thank Noelia enough for this amazing gift she has given me. It was definitely the best money I have ever spent in my life.

Thanks again Noelia”

Tom Perkins, Australia,


“The whole appeal of “my mind” being calm was incredibly soothing (even though at that time, I didn’t know what it entailed).  Like most I struggle with meditation, or switching off the thoughts.  The last 10 years has been spent learning different awareness, calming & spiritually enriching techniques, which in all honesty benefitted my well well-being greatly.  The previous two years, my emotional & physical life had experienced much personal grief, trauma & exhaustion.  After a huge life change moving to a new country, risks & courage I arrived.  However something was “missing” or rather a new type of panic or anxiety took hold of my new daily life.  Knowing that this way of “thinking” wasn’t serving me with the newly made life choices, I felt something gentle & simplistic was needed for me.  Feeling somewhat lost at the time, vulnerable & fearful I spoke to Noelia Da Mata who practiced something called “Mind Calm”. Her approach on thoughts, clarified that even though we think we “are” our thoughts or emotions. This simply isn’t true & is a false belief. The pre-work before the first Skype call was quick, simple and encouraging and although initially resistant about the session, I grabbed the opportunity to heal & learn.  Noelia’s methods are easy to understand, her voice calming & clear. At times during the sessions, I needed extra support in getting to the roots & this was given generously from a loving place.  Her knowledge shone, however at no point did I feel over whelmed or bombarded with too much information.  I felt safe, understood, relieved & very happy after the first session with Noelia.  We, as a society are told that we aim for “Peace of Mind”, however as Noelia helped me realise with great ease.  This “aim” induces to get or obtain something which in itself induces “pressure” on the mind.  Encouraged by such nurturing simplicity to acknowledge my thoughts & let them go.  I did not expect to feel so emotionally free so quickly within the first session, it hadn’t even finished!  So with great happiness, I achieved “Peace with Mind”, a gentle truce with heart & head.  For someone whose mind had been “running her”, I can honestly say this was a eureka moment.  Feeling I had learnt a wonderful new secret of life, Noelia helped to unlock the door.  My heart is forever grateful to her knowledge & I feel very honoured to have found such a valuable & gifted therapist. I now feel more confident, happier and peaceful with myself.”

Emma Carlton, Netherlands (Sweetinspirationsjersey.com)


‘I came to Noelia as I had a knee pain for over a year that I could not explain where from. I love to go running to keep fit but this made it worse so I had to stop, which was getting me down. Not knowing what to expect and feeling a little anxious about the session, Noelia put me right at ease with her lovely warm nature and answered all my questions and concerns before starting. The process itself seemed very simple and Noelia had a lovely way of gently tapping into the subconscious, letting it reveal the root of the pain. I was surprised how we quickly discovered an event in my past that I thought I had dealt with, which was obviously still causing upset for me. I was totally comfortable expressing my emotions with Noelia as she is so caring and supportive, with a feeling of complete non-judgment. What a relief! I hadn’t realised I’d been holding onto this stuff so much. Through the Mind Detox process I managed to make peace with this particular event, which had left me feeling, unsupported (hence the knee weakness) and it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realised my knee pain had dramatically decreased. I now go running again and it feels great. When I do occasionally feel some pain it usually signifies to me that my emotions are being triggered by old feelings and it is an alarm bell for me to listen to my body, meditate and find out what’s upsetting me. I now thank my body for this warning signal and I thank Noelia for the freedom from an old trauma. I recommend it to everyone’.

Charlene Hickey, UK,

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